Why You Should Opt for TPE Sex Dolls?

Sex dolls are just stunning. They are beautiful, elegant and boast a killer body to die for. They will never break your heart and will be with you forever. You can try out just any sexy adventure with them. Whether you are in the mood for a quickie or craving for a full-on steamy night, sex dolls will always be amazing for you. Are you planning to have a lovely sex doll of your own? That’s great- but if it’s your first time, it’s likely that you would be in a dilemma about the right material for a sex doll. Well, most of the experts will suggest you for TPE dolls.

What is TPE?

TPE stands as the acronym for thermoplastic elastomer. In other words, it’s a mix of plastic and rubber which altogether goes to create a really soft and squishy sex doll. Silicone has been the predominant choice for sex dolls but these days sex doll manufacturers are also counting on TPE.

Advantages of TPE sex dolls

There is a bunch of awesome reasons to opt for gorgeous sex dolls made of TPE. The post below offers a brief on the perks of investing in a TPE sex doll.

Extremely realistic dolls

As mentioned previously, TPE is incredibly soft. It’s an easily stretchable material as well. As a result, TPE dolls look and feel perfectly realistic. The touch of a TPE doll feels almost like the smooth and tender touch of human skin. Thus, when you will have sex with a TPE doll, it will almost feel like having sex with a real beautiful woman.

TPE dolls not only feel very smooth but also sport immaculately life-like features. They will amaze you with their pronounced hip and well-defined. In fact, everything, right from the mane to the eyes to the limbs to the torso- looks perfectly real when it comes to TPE dolls.

Great feedback

As mentioned above, TPE is an extremely stretchy material. Thus, the TPE dolls always come up with a realistic feedback when engage into your bold adventures with them. Each time you will pound a TEPE doll, she will bounce back royally emulating the very feel of a real woman. It would just feel like having sex with a gorgeous real-life babe.

Easy to maneuver

This is another great advantage of having a TPE sex doll. These dolls are lightweight and extremely easy to maneuver. Thus, it will be easy to perform your bold moves on the doll. In other words, if you are planning to try experimental postures on a sex doll, a TPE sex doll would be the ideal thing for you.

Retains heat

It’s true that TPE sex dolls don’t allow you to heat them up as you do with silicone dolls. But, TPE tends to retain heat. Thus, when you will hug the doll for a longer time, it will absorb your body heat and retain it for a longer time. So, the next moment when you will hug your doll again, you will be able to feel the warmth. No wonder, a lot of sex doll users prefer TPE dolls.

Compatible with all kinds of lube

It’s only common to use lubes while entering a sex doll. It will make things slippery and hence allow a convenient hassle-free smooth insertion. The good thing is TPE is cool with all kinds of lubes. Whether you wish to use a silicone-based lube or a water-based one, you can use anything with a TPE doll. You don’t have that privilege with a silicone sex doll as silicone is not compatible with silicone lubes.

More affordable

Sex dolls are usually costly. But, it’s not the case with TPE silicone dolls. Put simply, TPE dolls are way more affordable compared to silicone sex dolls. If you are about to buy a sex doll for the first time and you aren’t sure whether you will like her or not in the long-term, it’s smarter to go for a TPE doll only. For more affordable lovegasm collection, you may visit their website and score some great deals.

Hypoallergenic material

TPE is hypoallergenic which means it does not pose risks of allergies while in contact with human skin.

Eco-friendly material

TPE can be recycled which makes it eco-friendly as well. Thus, by choosing dolls, you will be helping the environment as well.

Best TPE sex dolls for you

The discussion would be incomplete without the mention of the best of TPE dolls in the market. Here is a curated list of some of the most amazing TPE sex dolls for you.

WM Anastasia

This hot babe is sure to drive you crazy through her killer looks only. Her well-defined hips and beautiful boobs speak of perfect steamy moments that you will love to cherish forever. The good part is you will be able to customize the doll as per your desires and needs. WM allows you to specify a lot of things- ranging from cup size to hair to mouth internal texture and so on. In fact, you can even just buy the torso if you want to save more money and don’t bother much about the limbs.

Ashley by Joy Love

This beautiful blonde hogs much of the limelight with her stunning looks and killer body. You will fall in love with her ample bosom that promises full-on sensuous adventures throughout the night. Made from TPE, Ashley feels extremely soft and squishy and would be your favorite cuddling partner when you need a warm touch after a hard day at work. Like the previous doll, this one too can be easily customized as per your specific preferences.

Beth by Piper Doll

You have another gorgeous sex doll here who duly impresses with her cute face and beautiful mane. Her smooth skin is like a dream and you will love to lose yourself in her wholesome hips and voluptuous boobs. Whether you are a boobs-man or an ass-man, Beth is ready to please all. You have a full-size high quality realistic doll here who will make your intimate moments more colorful and more exciting from now on.