Some facts about ‘Happy Ending’ massage you might need in the future

As cliché and worn out as it sounds, sex simply sells. From provocatively dressed models on billboards across highways to exotic dancing in music videos, it seems like all we think about are carnal pleasures. Yet, not all sex-related products and services are shallow and without any benefit. In fact, they have numerous pros for both our mental and physical health.


One such service is what we know as a happy ending massage. You’d have to have been living under a rock not to have at least heard about it. Nowadays, anyone can visit parlors that offer more than just simple back rubs. They include a form of sexual activity that can help relax you even more, and we’re here to tell you all about it.

What Is a ‘Happy Ending’ Massage?

Before we can go on any further, we need to clarify what happy ending massages are. Both for men and women. This is important because there is numerous misinformation floating around on the web, and people exaggerate the service to the point where one might think of them as being in A-production porn.

This type of massage is just an upgraded version of the classic treatment you can get in your run-of-the-mill parlors. That is, the masseur treats your whole body but finishes you off with a hand job, fingering, or clitoral stimulation. In most cases, there’s no such thing as penetration, blowjobs, or oral sex. Those are just scenes from porn movies that like to present things, let’s say, in a bit exaggerated way.


Depending on where you live, you’ll see parlors that openly promote sexual service. On the flip side, some don’t include it in their official services, but you can get it if you ask around politely. If you really want to know, these services are most common in Amsterdam, across South-East Asia, Cuba, and similar places with an open sex work policy. Thank us later! 

How Does a Happy Ending Massage Work?

In essence, ‘happy ending’ massages are sensual massages that include hand jobs, fingering, and clitoral stimulation. When you visit a massage parlor for this type of service, you’ll first get a classic treatment, complete with esoteric oils. However, once the massage therapist is done with your back and legs, they’ll move onto your thighs and eventually genitals.


If you’re a female, they will stroke the lips of your vagina, finger it, and even stimulate your clitoris. There’s no emotion involved, so don’t expect the masseur to talk dirty or anything. It’s pure business. On the other hand, men will receive a professional hand job. Either way, both will end in the Big O, which is the literal climax of the whole experience.

Why Do People Want to Experience This Massage?

When it comes to reasons why people enjoy these services, they’re not so complex. Namely, like with all other massages, both men and women want to unwind a bit. After a stressful day at the office or home watching over the kids, one needs to relax. And what better way to let off some steam than through a professionally delivered orgasm?


Furthermore, some folks treat massage parlors who offer happy endings like adventures. They’ve heard about them from friends, seen them in movies and TV, and, of course, wanked off to them while watching porn. Either way, they want to see what the fuss is about, so they reach out to their nearest sexy parlor for a so-called tantric massage.

Are There Sex Toys Involved?

As we’ve said, many people know about these erotic massages from porn. As such, they get the wrong idea that visiting them is like being on the set of some sleazy porn shoot. And not only are you not going to receive service from studs with massive dongs and chicks with bikini bodies, but there also won’t be any sex toys involved at all.


Still, some parlors are kinkier than others. You might come across some where their services offer much more than muscle relief. But these are more like BDSM dungeons, and they don’t have much in common with places we are talking about here. But, if that’s your thing, feel free to look ‘em up and have a great time while at it.

What Are the Benefits We Get From ‘Happy Ending’ Massages?

Positive effects of happy ending massages come in many forms. Some on physical, while others at an emotional level. Nevertheless, we’ll include all of them and explain them in more detail so that you better understand why you should give it a try.


  • Emotional healing: As you learn to receive pleasure through a message, your overall emotional state will begin to improve. With it, you’ll also experience a boost in self-confidence as your brain will start producing happy hormones like dopamine.


  • Stress relief: Like all other massages, erotic massages can help reduce stress levels and eliminate them entirely at the moment. So, with less stress hanging like a noose around your neck, the quality of your life will improve drastically.


  • Sex positivity: No matter how you feel about your sex life, going to a happy ending massage can only be for the better. It will release your sexual frustration, if you have any, and help you freely concentrate on other aspects of your life.


  • Physical benefits: Again, like all other massages, happy-ending ones are great for your physical state. Before the therapist gets to your genitals, he’ll massage your neck, upper and lower back, arms, and legs. All in all, it’s a perfect combo.

Final Words

Anyone interested in happy ending massages should consider how they feel about strangers touching them intimately. For some, this isn’t a problem. They find it kinky and even fantasize about orgasms that come from strangers. But, for others, that’s not the case, and it might be more damaging than you think.


After you receive your treatment, you might feel guilty about enjoying a sexual service. This comes down to the fact that sex work is still pretty much taboo in most places. On the other hand, you might feel guilt and remorse about using someone for your pleasure. Sure enough, these aren’t issues that most people think about, but they might bother you.


It’s important to know how you feel about this kind of massage before you go. We, of course, don’t suggest that you should feel any shame. In fact, they’re great for both your mental and physical health. And if you want some action, why not spice it up and visit an exotic parlor? Either way, it’s entirely up to you, and that’s how it should stay.