Our Team


Medward Amudee

Medward does not see anything wrong with visiting erotic massage places. Just like sex, it offers a lot of benefits to its patrons, but in the form of a massage. Having this website is his way of removing the stigma of erotic massage. He lives a comfortable life with his wife and kids in Sidney and visits Thailand regularly to oversee his business operations.

Jane Webb

Jane plans the content of the website and leads a group of outsourced writers. She works remotely while traveling in Southeast Asia. Her goal is for the people to be more open to having erotic massage places for women so they don’t miss on the benefits that it offers.

Joanna Porter
Social Media Manager

Aside from managing Med’s social media pages of his stores, Joanna makes sure that lovebyhand.com has enough exposure. This is a challenge because social media pages do not usually allow these types of niche on their feed, but Joanna thinks she may have found some ways around it.